Loans to Society

Variety of loans are available for Registered Society in our Area of Operation listed below :-

1 S.T. Agri (PACS)
2 S.T.R.A (PACS)
3 S.T.N.A (Petty S/Keepers)/Consumption (PACS)
4 M.T Loans for Agri. Allied Act. Th/PACS
5 M.T Loans for cases sponsored by DRDA,SGSY,HHKN,MVN,DDA&ZSM
6 M.T. Loans, S.E. T/C, Socs. CCB & Coop. Deptt.
7 M.T. Loans S.E. T/C other than above
8 M.T Integrated/Composite Loan
9 M.T Loans SRTOs
10 M.T Loans for TPT Societes
11 Cash Credit Limit
12Overdraft limits

For Detail contact your nearest Branch office